My name is Bianca and a warm welcome to my website.

I love food. Food does not only nurture your body, it is full of different flavours, colours, scents and creates memories. My favourite pastime is to cook or bake and I adore dining out with loved ones especially my husband who is my favourite person ever.

My food journey began at a young age collecting snippets of recipes from magazines. I enjoy browsing online for the latest trends and I love to explore with new flavour combinations. I got my diploma as a Pastry Chef and did several courses to keep the passion alive and sharpen my skills, however I still see myself as a home cook and love learning things from my own kitchen.

My other passion is travelling and exploring different cultures and cuisine. I always try to replicate memorable food tastes at home.

I will be sharing a lot of my own recipes and experiences with you.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me creating new and blissful moments in your own life.

With love,