TIANA Organic Raw Coconut Goodness


This is such a versatile product. You can use it in sweet or savoury dishes. I highly recommend this if you like a lovely strong coconut taste.

When I bought this I actually thought I was buying coconut oil. That is my own mistake because I didn’t really read the label, it just looked like coconut oil from the outside and I bought it. However I am so happy to have discovered that I was buying a completely different thing because I have used it so many times. I used it in an assortment of Curries and my Oat, Coconut and Dried Fruit Squares, Chocolate fillings, Porridge and Tropical Smoothies.

I recommend if you are using it for baking to place the Coconut Goodness into a heat proof bowl and microwave it with quick pulses until it is creamy and smooth and then place it in with the rest of your wet ingredients. You can pop it into you curry, oats or smoothies just as it is. If you want to make coconut milk mix one part of Coconut Goodness with two parts of water, blend until smooth.

I have bought mine from Holland and Barrett where you can find so many different and interesting products. (TIANA Organic Raw Coconut Goodness)

You can also purchase it from Amazon, Ocado if you are in the UK, Imperfectlynatural.com, healthysupplies.co.uk, dolphinfitness.co.uk.

If you want to, drop me a comment if you have used this before. I would love to hear how you have use it.

Take care,

Bianca x

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